What Will it Cost to Heat Your
Pool This Summer?

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The average pool has three major operating costs;

1. Heating the water.

2. Treating the water with chemicals.

3. Replacing the water lost by evaporation.

An 18' x 36' pool can lose more than 50 gallons of water a day by evaporation, but worse is the fact that a 1/2 million BTU's of heat are taken out of the pool every time 50 gallons evaporates. That's enough to lower your pool temperature by 3 degrees Celsius!

It takes 650 cubic feet of natural gas to put that heat back in the water and that adds up to a major expense wherever you live!

Pool heating has become a major expense, and it won't be getting any cheaper in the future. The cost of heating fuel has doubled in the last few years, and as it's destined to increase by as much as 40% in the next couple of years. It is becoming exceedingly expensive to maintain the water temperature you enjoy at a sensible price.

Now you really can save up to 100% of your pool heating bill with a Blue Shield Pool Blanket, featuring a unique plastic fibre construction that offers you the highest insulating value available.

Blue Shield Enviro Blue - The new generation of
environmentally friendly pool covers!


Often pools are odd shaped sizes or have stairs coming out of them at one end.

The Blue Shield Poly heat retention pool blankets should cover all areas of water.

Please download these PDF’s that match you pool shape:

Kidney: kidney_pool_cover_measure.pdf

L-Shape: L_shape_pool_cover_measure.pdf

Round: round_pool_cover_measure.pdf