Blue Shield Soft Floating Spa Covers.
Save Heat, Energy and Your Hard Cover!

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- eliminates evaporation and keeps in heat

- prevents damaging chemicals from eroding your hard cover

- strong woven top, foam centre for buoyancy and heat retention

- solid sheet chemical resistant bottom

- remains lightweight and easy for one person to handle and store

- ideal for use with indoor and outdoor spas

- lasts longer than bubble-style floating spa blanket

- not intended as as safety cover

We reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.


There's nothing quite like a Blue Shield Soft Floating Thermal Spa Blanket to make sure your spa is always warm, ready and waiting for you to enjoy. Our floating blanket comes in an oversized one-piece 8' x 9' format so it will fit virtually any spa. Unlike other products, ours is strong and flexible, with no joints or welds that can come apart, and it won't crack or split.

Best of all, it's easy to cut to your spa's shape with household scissors, easy to take in and out of the water and easy to store.

Go for a Blue Shield Soft Floating Thermal Spa Blanket and get more out of your spa!


You've made a substantial investment in your spa. Whether it's indoor or outdoors, you can't afford not to have a Blue Shield Soft Floating Thermal Spa Blanket for a lot of important reasons.

One of your biggest expenses is keeping your spa or hot tub at a constant temperature. However, heated water constantly evaporates from the water surface, a phenomenon that can chill your water and increase your heating bill. A Blue Shield Soft Floating Thermal Spa Blanket stops evaporation in its tracks and retains heat thanks to its state-of -the-art construction.


Many spa owners believe that having a hard cover is all they need. The reality is, a Blue Shield Soft Floating Thermal Spa Blanket is essential in protecting your hard cover.

You see, while our floating undercover minimizes the evaporation of chemicals and moisture, it is also on guard minimizing chemical and moisture damage to your spa cover, so your hard cover won't become water logged, bleached on the underside or encrusted with grungy chemical residue and mildew, all of which can reduce your hard cover's life. It's the perfect security blanket for your spa.